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Pianos are cumbersome, fragile and expensive instruments. BrassFIX now proposes its patented Atlas Piano Trolley that will not only make the manoeuvring of any piano effortless, it will eliminate the following problems:

  • risk of warping (and damaging) the piano frame as a result of forcing it over uneven surfaces
  • damage to piano legs
  • tuning required following the displacement of the piano
  • damage to flooring
  • difficulty moving piano across uneven flooring
  • additional manpower needed to move / install piano

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Visit our distributor for Europe
Visit our distributor for Europe

About the Atlas Piano Trolley

Atlas Piano Trolleys exist for both upright and grand pianos.

The trolley chassis supports the piano securely on 4 critical points to ensure a perfectly balanced support structure that will respect and preserve the integrity of the piano frame.
The piano is elevated just millimetres off the ground, relying on specially engineered rotating needle bearings. The installation of the trolley is absolutely effortless and requires no additional tools or manpower. A Atlas Piano Trolley can be fully installed or removed in 2 minutes!

The trolley moves on 3 rotating 200mm industrial casters on ball-bearings. The wheel triangulation ensures perfect stability when negotiating uneven floors. The size of the wheels gives the trolley greater clearance and will prevent sinking into soft or uneven flooring.

Flight Case
Piano Trolley wheel

Each Atlas Piano Trolley is created to fit your piano like a glove and respect its particular structural needs.

Atlas Piano Trolleys are all made using heavy-duty industrial materials and under strict engineering specifications. BrassFIX offers clients a lifetime guarantee on all Piano Trolleys (excepting where damage has been caused by corrosion, neglect, or abuse).

Patent registration: 2015 / 05896 Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa (CIPC).